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4 Bail Bond Myths and the Truth Behind Them

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Bail Bond | 0 comments

When you or a loved one have been incarcerated and need the assistance of a bail bondsmen, finding the right company can be stressful. The process can seem difficult but the good news is bail bonds are often an excellent option to ensure you can get on with your life in the meantime. Unfortunately, many people believe these common myths about bail bonds and fail to get the help they need.

Bail Bond Agencies Are Shady

Many people make the mistake of believing bail bond agencies are shady operations. This is not the case at all. Because individuals are innocent until proven guilty, bail is a constitutional right that allows them to keep up with daily responsibilities while awaiting trial. Bail bond agencies simply make it easier for individuals who don’t have the money for bail to do so.

Bail Bonds Must Be Paid Upfront

Posting bail can be a challenge for many people due to finances. The good news is bail bond companies often don’t require you to pay the amount upfront in most cases. Many of them work with their clients to create an affordable payment plan that lets them take advantage of the bail option without creating a financial hardship.

Bail Bond Companies Free Criminals

The court system has a proven method of determining the bail amount based on the charges and even deny bail to those who pose a significant threat to society. When an individual qualifies for bail, the court has deemed they are safe for release. Bail bond agencies prevent individuals from losing their jobs while they await trial and allow them to work with defense lawyers to establish their case.

Bail Bond Agencies Set Their Fees

Individuals often fear bail bond companies will take advantage of their situation and charge high or unfair fees for their services. If you work with a reputable bail bond agency, you don’t have to worry. All fees and amounts are set by the state, giving you peace of mind your case will be handled fairly.

If you need a bail bond to get yourself or a loved one out of jail until trial, contact us. Our team can help you post your bail bond and get on with your life.