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Are Bail Amounts Set by Crime?

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Bail Bond | 0 comments

When people buy cars, there is a sticker price and a negotiated sales price. The sticker price is the amount a manufacturer thinks that the car is worth. People can pay that price, or they can negotiate a price with a salesperson. The negotiated price takes into account a number of factors, such as supply and demand, the buyer’s credit history, and the salesperson’s desperation (or lack thereof) to make a sale.

Bail is much the same. There is a “sticker” price and a “negotiated” price. The sticker price is a presumptive amount the sheriff sets. Arizona DOES NOT have a document like this one from California, but the theory is the same. The “negotiated price” of bail is the amount a judge sets it at after personally reviewing all the facts of the case.

The good thing to know is that your 24-hour bail bondsman at Sanctuary Bail Bonds can assist you with either the “sticker price”  or the “negotiated price” for your bail bond throughout the state of Arizona.

Phoenix Bail Bonds Offices and the Sticker Price

To drive a car off the lot without talking to a salesperson or negotiating financing, you must pay the entire amount in cash. But to get out of jail, you need only pay a portion of the “sticker price” to your Sanctuary Bail Bonds bondsman (bail bond near me). That very small portion that you pay to your bondsman is called a bail bond premium.

This payment, which is regulated by Arizona law at 10% of the “sticker price”, does more than secure immediate release. It gives you access to all the knowledge and resources of that bonding company.

Generally, the bail sticker price depends on the severity of the offense and the defendant’s criminal record. Studies indicate that the effect is counter-intuitive. People who are charged with serious offenses and have been through the system before are more likely to appear at trial. But the sticker price uses the opposite approach. Felony bail is more expensive than misdemeanor bail, and a criminal offense up’s the price even more.

Negotiated Price and the Factors in Determining Bail

Usually, within seventy-two hours, judges or magistrates (a magistrate is basically a part-time judge) review all inmate files. Just like a salesperson can modify the vehicle sticker price, at the arraignment, the judge may reconsider bail based on a number of factors. Some of them include the defendants:

  • Ability to pay bail,
  • Connections to the community,
  • Ability to travel, and
  • Threat to the community.

An important tip to remember when it comes to how much bail money is set at per crime is that an attorney can usually represent the defendant at their arraignment. Therefore, if you have a lawyer in your corner during arraignment, the judge can be more likely to reduce the bail amount.

At Sanctuary Bail Bonds we understand that being in jail is stressful on everyone involved and this is why we do our best to get you out of jail either before or after the arraignment quickly and easily. It’s our job and we are the best around! To make the process even faster and easier visit our Bonds Forms page to complete your paperwork before meeting your agent or simply complete your paperwork and fax it your agent ahead of time.

Call Sanctuary Bail Bonds anytime 24/7 365 at (602) BAIL-247 or (602) 224-5247. To learn more about bail bonds visit our page FAQ-page or call us any time for a free bail bond consultation.


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