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We Help You Get Out of Lock Up

Locked up in or near Mesa, AZ?

Let Sanctuary Bail Bond, a local bail bonds agency, help get you out.

Our local Bondsman near Mesa, AZ, provides an affordable bail bonds service that helps you get yourself or a loved one released from jail, even if you cannot afford the total cash bail amount. We do that through a process known as a bail bond.

The best bail bond agent works with the court to help secure your release before trial. Your local bail bondsman acts as a surety. The bail bond agency’s bondsman near Mesa, AZ, promises the court that you will appear for your trial and comply with any conditions of release. If you “skip bail,” then the nearby bail bondsman you hired is liable for the total amount of your cash bail.

In exchange for guaranteeing your appearance and taking on the financial responsibility if you fail to appear, a 24-hour bondsman will charge you a fee. That fee is usually a percentage of the total cash bail amount. The money is a non-refundable fee for our services and not refundable bail paid to the court. We may also require you to provide collateral.

Some people wonder if a bail bond is worth it. After all, it can be expensive to pay the fee for the bond. However, quick bail bonds are one of the keys to the justice system. A defendant who is incarcerated during the pre-trial period has a limited ability to participate in their own defense.

Bond also helps:

  • Restore the presumption of innocence
  • Allow the defendant to keep working
  • Allow the defendant to maintain ties with their family
  • Prevent evictions or property losses due to loss of employment

No one ever wants to need a 24 bail bonds service. However, if you do, the bondsman at Sanctuary Bail Bond near Mesa, AZ, is here to help you.

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If you need bail bonds fast in Buckeye, AZ, then you can turn to Sanctuary Bail Bonds. We offer a range of payment methods as well as attractive interest free payment arrangements so that you can have your loved one home where they belong. To find out more or to start the process, call us today at (602) 224-5247.