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Located in the beautiful Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is home to some of the most beautiful desert parks such as Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, and the Desert Botanical Garden. It is also home to some of the best luxury resort spas and golf courses. Known for its warm temperatures, beautiful cacti, and many other characteristics, Phoenix continues to be a city that tourists love to travel to during the winter months.

Sanctuary Bail Bonds Phoenix

602-2245247 While there is some speculation as to how the city, Phoenix, got its name, one theory claims that Darrell Duppa suggested it. At the time when Phoenix was first founded, it was nothing more than a desert land filled with Pueblo Grande ruins.

However, while he and his team “resurrected” the town, Duppa claimed that “A new city will spring like a phoenix…” And so like the bird, the city rose.

It’s no wonder that while writing one of America’s most infamous, paranormal, teen romance novel series, Stephenie Meyer decided to place her indecisive female protagonist right in Arizona’s warm capital before she was shipped off into the middle of the cold town of Forks.

All jokes aside, as beautiful and wonderful as Phoenix maybe, sometimes, the wrong people are placed in jail for the wrong reasons. Anyone can make a mistake. This is why we, the people at Sanctuary Bail Bonds, are here to help. So if ever you are arrested while in Phoenix, please do NOT hesitate to CALL NOW at either 602-[BAIL]-247 or 602-224-5247. We are on your side!

You Can Be Involved in the Conditions of Release

If drug, alcohol or emotional problems are involved, you may require that the defendant accept completion of a treatment program or additional conditions while they are out on bail. We can accommodate special conditions of release per your request. Call us at 602-224-5247 today.