Bail Bonds San Tan Valley AZ

24 Hours Bail Bond Service In San Tan Valley, AZ

Sanctuary Bail Bonds is your bail bond service that can get you, a family member, or a friend released from jail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will work with you to make sure whoever is imprisoned does not spend a second more than is necessary.

Affordable Bondsman Service

A 10% bond should not require you or your family to become poor; we do not charge any unnecessary fees, just what is required. To further help you, we offer interest-free payment plans to any person using our bail bond service, as well as three ways to put it up: cash, surety, and credit card.

Best Bail Agents

Sanctuary Bail Bonds employs some of the best bail agents in the state of Arizona, an area we have served for more than 10 years. Thus, our agents know Arizona’s legal and law enforcement systems quite well, giving them the knowledge and experience of knowing what they expect to get you, your family member, or your friend out of jail as quickly as possible.

Credit Card & Surety Bail Bonds

Cash bonds are not the only way to put up the 10% bond. Surety bonds use an insurance company to ensure the defendant meets all legal requirements dictated by the court, plus ensures the defendant appears in court on the assigned date. Using a major credit card to cover the 10% bond is also an option.

Local Bail Bond Company Near Me

Sanctuary Bail Bonds is your local bail bond company that will work with you to get you, your family member, or your friend out of custody right away. Contact us immediately so you can be released from custody immediately so you can prepare for your day in court at home.