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How Much is Bail for Assault in Arizona? | Sanctuary Bail Bonds

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Let’s talk about bail in terms of being a “security deposit” of sorts. If people rent apartments, they must pay a security deposit and oftentimes even purchase an insurance policy. Both these things protect the landlord if the tenant breaks the lease. The amount of the deposit or premium usually depends on the amount of the rent. The higher the rent of the apartment or condo, the more your security deposit will be.

Similarly, if people want to get out of jail, they must either pay a “security deposit” known as bail or work with a bondsman at Sanctuary Bail Bonds (bail bonds Phoenix) to get released with a bail bond. Bail amounts usually vary according to the type of crime. Most Phoenix area law enforcement departments have mandatory arrest policies. If police answer an assault disturbance, usually someone will immediately go to jail.

Bail amounts vary because the purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant’s appearance at trial. The more serious the offense, the higher the bail amount. There are basically three levels of assault.


Assault By Contact is usually the police department’s designation for an assault without a physical injury. In Arizona, injury is not an element of assault. Any harmful or offensive touching, or the threat of such a touch, will suffice.

However, if there was no injury, assault claims are difficult to prove in court. Additionally, a non-injury assault poses no ongoing threat to the alleged victim, at least in most cases. The combination of weak evidence and lack of threat means that bail is usually low for ABC arrests.

Although the offense might seem rather light, your bond requirements are the same regardless of the amount the bond is set at. Some of these requirements can be adjusted by whomever is putting up the collateral or your criminal history. In some cases, ABC defendants can work out special requests for their conditions when speaking with Sanctuary Bail Bonds agent (bail bond near me). No matter the charges, you will always need to make their scheduled court appearances.

Ordinary Assault

Most assault cases fall into this category. The alleged victim is slightly injured. Usually, that injury is a red mark or a bruise.

The evidence is stronger in ordinary assault prosecutions than it is in an ABC designation. Police usually take a picture of the alleged victim’s injury and include it in their reports. However, this evidence is often not very compelling (in terms of looking like a large wound). Even though it may hurt at the time, it can be compared to bumping into a wall or the corner of a table. It will probably only create a bruise or red mark.

Ordinary assault cases can also mean a heightened future threat to the alleged victim. If the defendant injured the person once, it could happen again. Additionally, many ordinary assault arrests involve domestic disputes, and these things can often turn into virtual powder kegs where a violent situation can happen again and again.

Therefore, in these situations, the bail amount is usually higher and conditions are usually more strict.

Aggravated Assault

If the assault sends someone to the hospital to be treated (usually in the emergency room), it is usually designated as a felony aggravated assault. If the alleged victim is not released after being treated at the hospital but instead gets admitted into the hospital, the charges are even more serious. Additionally, if the defendant used a weapon, officers may file aggravated assault charges, regardless of the extent of injury. Practically any solid object heavier than an empty plastic bottle or pair of eyeglasses is usually considered a weapon in this context.

Due to the serious nature of these charges, bail is usually very high, especially if the defendant has a criminal record. Additionally, the conditions are quite restrictive. They may even include electronic monitoring.

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