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How to Find Out if Criminal Charges are Filed | Sanctuary Bail Bonds

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Criminal Records Infographic
It’s a very unsettling feeling when a loved one does not come home in the middle of the night, does not respond to texts, and does not answer the phone. The feeling gets worse when a call comes from a county jail pay phone.

At this time, you want information. But information is hard to come by. Police officers do not have to give people much information, so the defendant may only have a vague idea about the charges. Additionally, while Maricopa County maintains a website, it might not be updated quickly and some folks might find it difficult to navigate on a mobile device. It crashes easily, and the entries are not in English. They are in Legalese, and they use abbreviations that are probably unfamiliar to the general public.

Sanctuary Bail Bonds (bail bond Phoenix) is a much better resource. They offer a free bail bond consultation and just one call could give you the information you need and are looking for. Your bondsman from the same office (bail bond near me) is also an excellent resource person throughout the rest of the criminal justice process.

Can You Be Charged with a Crime Without Knowing About It?

In many financial crimes, like embezzlement or computer fraud, defendants hardly ever know about ongoing criminal investigations. The alleged theft victim obviously has no obligation to let the defendant know about the inquiry.

If authorities actually press formal charges, the defendant must learn about the charges at that point. Many times, that notice comes in the form of a police officer at the door with an arrest warrant.

Furthermore, as mentioned, if you are arrested on the street, officers do not have to give you the details. You may know that you are under arrest for something, but you may not know what that ”something” is until several hours later, or even several days later.

What Happens Immediately After Arrest?

Almost immediately after arrest, you probably have a chance to work with Sanctuary Bail Bonds (24-hour bail bondsman) and get out of jail on bond. Typically, the sheriff sets presumptive bail amounts based on the severity of the offense. Your bondsman can prepare a security bond that is based fairly on industry standards with interest-free payment arrangements.

Usually within forty-eight hours, the arraignment takes place. If Sanctuary Bail Bonds has not already arranged release for the defendant on bond, a judge formally tells the defendant about the criminal charges. The judge also reconsiders bail. At the arraignment, there are more factors on the table, such as the defendant’s:

  • Ties to the community (family, job, etc.)
  • Ability to travel, and
  • Threat to the community (e.g. threats made to alleged victims and possible witnesses).

All these factors relate to the defendant’s appearance at trial, and at this stage, that’s basically the primary or most important inquiry for a defendant. If you are wondering if there are any criminal charges or warrants filed against you in the state of Arizona call Sanctuary Bail Bonds for a free bail bond consultation. Our award-winning instant bail service is available entirely by phone and our bail bond agents are available 24/7, every day of the year at (602) 224-5247 or (602) BAIL-247. For more information on the bail bond process visit our FAQ-page.


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