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Bailing a loved one is never an easy situation. At Sanctuary Bail Bonds in Phoenix, AZ, we are here to help you with all aspects of the bail bonds process including cash bonds and credit card bonds. Start the bond process today! Give us a call or visit our office to complete all the forms. Our team works fast to expedite the release of your loved one without any hassle. We have payment options to accommodate your needs. Call 602-224-5247 now.
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When you post a bond you pay only a small portion of the amount required at the County jails. We also offer no interest payment plans for defendants!

Protect Your Assets

If you post a bond with us and the defendant fails to comply with the conditions of release, becomes a flight risk or does flee you may contact us immediately to have them returned to jail which will prevent the loss of the bond.

What is a bail bond?

A Bail Bond is an agreement between the court and the defendant (the person who has been charged with the crime) to appear for trial or pay a sum of money.

How does the bail bond process work?
Once the defendant has gone through the booking process which will include seeing a judge, they will know how much the amount is for their bail. There are 2 major types of bonds. The first in a “Cash Only” bond. This is when the court requires that the total amount of the bond has to be paid to the court in full by “Cash Only”. The second and most common is a Secure Appearance Bond. A Secured Appearance Bond is a court granting permission for a bond company to assist you and present the court with a document that states that the total amount of the bond would be paid to the court should the defendant not show up to their court date or get re-arrested for similar charges while released on their current case.
What are the requirements to get a bail bond?
Arizona is a collateral state which means that a bail bond company should require some form of collateral to secure the bond and at least equal to the bond amount. Most bond companies will accept cash, credit cards, bank transfers, vehicles, jewelry, and houses/property as a form of collateral to secure the bond. On top of the collateral, Arizona requires a fee of 10% of the bond with a minimum amount as payment for their services on Secure Bonds. Should you require a bond company to post your Cash Only bond, then the bond company can charge over the 10% fee.
How much does a bail bond cost?
The amount of the bail is determined at the initial appearance court date in front of the judge and can vary based on the charges and past history of the inmate.
Can I get a bail bond without collateral?
The bond company reviews each person’s case to determine the risk to decide if they would consider posting a bond without collateral upfront. Posting a bond without collateral is called a “Signature Bond” and is approved in some cases with restrictions.
What happens if the defendant skips bail?
When the defendant misses a court appearance or “skips on their bail”, a bench warrant is issued for the person’s arrest. If this was done by accident then the defendant must contact their bond company to try and get a new court date set and have the warrant removed. If a new court date is not set then the bond company is obligated by law to attempt to arrest the individual. Once a warrant has been issued, the police are notified and will try to apprehend the defendant to place them back in custody. Should the police be successful then the bond will most likely be forfeited and the bond company will be responsible to pay the court in full the amount of the bond. This will require the collateral that the bond company was using to secure the bond to be sold or used to pay that forfeit. If the bond company is successful in apprehending the client and placing them back then there is an opportunity for the bond company to request the court to exonerate the bond or surrender only a portion of the bond reducing the amount that would be surrendered to the court. This is a big reason why communication with the bond company is so important.
How long does it take to get a bail bond?
The paperwork takes approximately 20-45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the transaction, and in most cases can be completed over the Internet. The release time can be one hour or less for local police stations and 6-12 hours in county jail. Please remember that these times are not guaranteed but are general time frames.
Can I get a bail bond for any type of crime?
Any person which has been charged with a non-capital crime meaning any crime that might not consider the death penalty is generally entitled to bail. A Judge might place a hold on certain situations such as allowing a probation officer to approve a bond should the person arrested have a prior agreement with the court but in most cases, bail should be granted. The amount of bail can vary.
Can I get a bail bond if I have a criminal record?
A criminal record can play into the bail amount but should not stop the judge from issuing a bond for the defendant.
What happens to the bail bond money if the defendant is found guilty?
A bond is a promise between the court and the defendant to appear at all of the court dates. The guilt or innocence of the case has no bearing on the bail bond. Once the judge has made a final ruling on the case and issued a letter of exoneration, the bond is no longer active. This letter would need to be supplied to the bail bond company and then any collateral that was being used to secure the bond can be released back to the party that supplied the collateral.

You Can Be Involved in the Conditions of Release

If drug, alcohol or emotional problems are involved, you may require that the defendant accept completion of a treatment program or additional conditions while they are out on bail. We can accommodate special conditions of release per your request. Call us at 602-224-5247 today.