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Bailing a loved one is never an easy situation. At Sanctuary Bail Bonds in Phoenix, AZ, we are here to help you with all aspects of the bail bonds process including cash bonds and credit card bonds. Start the bond process today! Give us a call or visit our office to complete all the forms. Our team works fast to expedite the release of your loved one without any hassle. We have payment options to accommodate your needs. Call 602-224-5247 now.
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Enormous Savings and Payment Plans

When you post a bond you pay only a small portion of the amount required at the County jails. We also offer no interest payment plans for defendants!

Protect Your Assets

If you post a bond with us and the defendant fails to comply with the conditions of release, becomes a flight risk or does flee you may contact us immediately to have them returned to jail which will prevent the loss of the bond.

You Can Be Involved in the Conditions of Release

If drug, alcohol or emotional problems are involved, you may require that the defendant accept completion of a treatment program or additional conditions while they are out on bail. We can accommodate special conditions of release per your request. Call us at 602-224-5247 today.