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Understanding Warrant Services and Types of Warrants

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Bail Bond | 0 comments

What are Warrant Services?

Warrant services involve professional assistance in dealing with various types of legal warrants. These services can include:

  • Locating and verifying warrants: Ensuring that you are aware of any active warrants in your name.
  • Guidance on resolving warrants: Providing advice and assistance on the steps to take to address the warrant.
  • Facilitating surrender: Helping you surrender to the authorities in a controlled and safe manner.
  • Bail bond services: Offering bail bonds to secure your release from custody.

Types of Warrants

Understanding the different types of warrants is essential for effectively addressing any legal issues you may face. Here are the main types:

Warrant of Arrest

A warrant of arrest is an order issued by a judge or magistrate that authorizes law enforcement to take an individual into custody. These warrants are typically issued when:

  • A person is suspected of committing a crime.
  • There is probable cause to believe that the individual committed the crime.
  • The person has failed to appear in court as required.
  • A previous case has been re-opened from a past crime.

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant specifically authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest and detain an individual. This type of warrant is usually issued when:

  • A person is charged with a crime.
  • The court believes there is sufficient evidence to justify the arrest.
  • The individual poses a risk to the community or may flee to avoid prosecution.

Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is issued by a judge when a person fails to comply with a court order or does not appear in court as scheduled. Common reasons for bench warrants include:

  • Failing to appear for a scheduled court date.
  • Not paying court-ordered fines or restitution.
  • Violating probation or parole terms.

Felonies and Warrants

Felonies are serious crimes that can lead to severe legal consequences, including the issuance of arrest and bench warrants. Examples of felonies include:

  • Violent crimes: Such as murder, assault, and robbery.
  • Drug offenses: Including the possession, distribution, and manufacturing of illegal drugs.
  • Theft and fraud: Such as burglary, grand theft, and embezzlement.
  • Sex crimes: Including sexual assault and exploitation.

How Sanctuary Bail Bonds Can Help

Dealing with warrants can be overwhelming, but Sanctuary Bail Bonds is here to assist you every step of the way. Our services include:

  • Bail bond assistance: Helping you secure a bond to get out of jail quickly.
  • Expert advice: Providing guidance on the legal process and how to resolve warrants.
  • Confidential support: Ensuring your privacy and handling your case with professionalism.

For immediate assistance, call Sanctuary Bail Bonds at (602) 224-5247 or visit us at 337 N 4th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003. You can also learn more about our services on our website: