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What is the Average Wait Time for a Criminal Trial in Maricopa County?

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There’s an old saying among criminal lawyers that William Gladstone, the English politician who said that “justice delayed is justice denied,” was obviously not a defense attorney. As outlined below, delay in the criminal justice process is often a defendant’s best friend. So, some people wait months or years for their day in court.

But there are alternatives. Everything could end quickly. In 1969, Martin Luther King Jr. assassin James Earl Ray pleaded guilty almost immediately after he was arrested, so he could avoid the death penalty. He just as quickly tried to set aside that plea, claiming he had been set up, but that’s the subject of another blog.

Much of the timing depends on the defendant’s incarceration status. A few months or years is a long time to sit in jail and wait. But if Sanctuary Bail Bonds (bail bonds Phoenix) has intervened, time is on the defendant’s side.

What About the Right to a Speedy Trial?

You may remember the Constitutional right to a speedy trial from high school government class. But the definition of a “speedy trial” is very subjective. It basically means that there must not be any unnecessary or unexplained delays. That’s especially true if the person has not teamed up with their Sanctuary Bail Bonds 24-hour bail bondsman and is still in jail.

Some delays are necessary. For example, the judge can only preside over a few time-consuming jury trials a month. So, if you want one, you’ll have to wait.

The Criminal Law Process

Whether the process is fast or slow usually depends on the type of offense and the defendant’s procedural choices.

In many cases, a delay is good for the defendant. Over time, memories fade and physical evidence gets lost. Theft cases are a good illustration. After several months, the complaining witness often loses interest in the case. Additionally, the complaining witness often moves outside the court’s jurisdiction. If the prosecutor has no witness, the prosecutor has no case.

Procedural choices matter as well. Plea bargains can frequently resolve Maricopa County criminal cases. In many cases, especially if the defendant is still in jail, that plea may occur within a few days. But if the defendant pleads not guilty and demands a trial, there will be a significant delay. Securing your bail release with Sanctuary Bail Bonds (bail bond near me) makes that delay a lot easier to deal with.

Additionally, as a rule of thumb, bench trials require less wait time than jury trials. A trial before a judge may only take a few hours, but a jury trial may take a few weeks. There are significant pros and cons to each, so seeking the representation of an experienced attorney to help the defendant make this important procedural decision can be a wise choice.

Whatever road you take, pretrial release gets your case off to a good start, so call Sanctuary Bail Bonds today. For over 8 years our 24/7 professional and compassionate bondsman have secured quick and easy jail release for residents and visitors in Arizona. Call us today at (602) 224-5247 / (602) BAIL-247 If you have more questions about how bail bonds work, see our HELP page.


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