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What shows up on a criminal record background check? | Sanctuary Bail Bonds

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Thinking about a new job in Arizona where you know they run background checks? Wondering what information shows up on a criminal record background check?

A potential employer may choose to run one of several kinds of background checks: criminal, identity verification, military service, sex offender registry, character references, educational verification and even driving records. However, each state has its own laws about how much information a third party can see for each type of inquiry.

The important thing to understand is that if you have been asked to undergo a criminal background check as a part of the hiring process, the information that comes up will vary depending on 1) the type of background search done 2) why it is being done and 3) the laws in your jurisdiction.

Should a potential employer choose to run a criminal background check, the short answer is that a criminal record background check will locate all previous arrests as well as conviction and non-conviction information for adults at both the State (all states) and Federal level.

The agencies that run background checks for employers have electronic access to millions of records from all over the United States. This includes Federal Fugitive files, the Department of Corrections prison, state criminal records, databases on sex offenders, and prison parole records. It does not include Juvenile Court files nor civil litigation.

The information in a criminal record background check is of importance to employers of all kinds. For instance, childcare institutions check to see if the prospective employee has any record for child-related criminal prosecutions. Employers, such as hospitals need to make sure that their workers do not have a history of drug abuse or other chemical addiction-related charges as they may have access to opium-based drugs on the job.

What is Included in a Criminal Background Check?

A standard criminal record background check includes the name, race, gender, and D.O.B of the individual. Depending on the agency used to create the report, the next section may vary somewhat in format, but the report will then show (if any) each criminal record for that individual.   Each record will provide the date of offenses, date of conviction and charges. See the example below.

Can you run a Criminal Background Check on Yourself?

Yes, you can run a criminal background check on yourself. There are several ways to use the internet and conduct a free search online. Check out this article from Criminal WatchDog on their recommended steps.   There is also helpful information from on protections in Arizona for applicants with criminal records.

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