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What’s the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and an Infraction in Arizona? | Sanctuary Bail Bonds

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In Arizona, misdemeanors are considered minor criminal offenses. Some misdemeanor examples include DUI and assault. Of course, if you are either arrested for or a victim of these offenses, you would probably not consider them “minor.” Minor criminal offense or not, these cases have serious consequences.

In many states, infractions are more like traffic tickets. Some infraction examples include providing tobacco to minors and scalping tickets…example: to the end of the season sports game. In Arizona, such transgressions are technically criminal offenses. So, even if you call it an “infraction” just to make it sound like a simple or lighthearted offense, you would be mistaken. And, a criminal offense carries with it a criminal consequence.  Procedurally, infractions and misdemeanors are very much the same. They both go through the same arrest and court process. So, whether you are arrested for a felony, infraction, or misdemeanor, you will still need the services of a 24-hour bail bondsman at Sanctuary Bail Bonds.

Jail Release in Maricopa County

Working with Sanctuary Bail Bonds (bail bonds Phoenix) is usually the easiest, fastest, and best way to get out of jail fast. The other two options available may work for some people, but usually not for most people.

Large jurisdictions like Maricopa County have pretrial release divisions. If the defendant has no criminal record and is charged with a nonviolent offense, OR (Own Recognizance) release is sometimes available. Infractions are generally of a nonviolent nature. If it is your first time out on the town and you are having a little bit too much fun and you have never been in the back of a police car than you might qualify for release from jail on OR (Own Recognizance). But if you have been through the system before and your name is “in the system” so to speak, then OR will not be an option for you.

Peace officers understand that “things happen” and usually check to see if you have been arrested before. If your name comes in clean you might get a warning and a strong suggestion to correct your behavior or do something to remedy the situation. As long as you show respect and do as they suggest and everyone is “good to go” then the officer will usually wish everyone a good day or evening and go onto their next call, This is the hope of every officer; to be able to easily and peacefully end a call out. It is a tremendous burden and responsibility for an officer to know they are putting their lives on the line every time they go out on a call.

When an officer decides that an arrest is in order instead of a stern warning, some people will choose to post a cash bond. The good news is that a cash bond will get you out of jail. The bad news is that you must come up with the entire amount of the bond in CASH. And, if you are looking for answers to the dozens of questions you will have, Maricopa County jailers usually do not answer any questions you have about the process.

Another speed bump that you will face is being able to contact a friend or loved one. Most people store all their phone numbers in their phones but when you are arrested your phone will be surrendered to the jail and listed as property so you will not have access to your numbers. In order to let your friends and loved ones know that you have been arrested and that a bond is required you will need the services of a 24-hour bail bondsman such as Sanctuary Bail Bonds. A list of phone numbers including Sanctuary Bail Bonds is listed in the jail. Most of the Phoenix Bail Bond companies do not accept calls from jail and are not available 24 hours a day. Fortunately, Sanctuary Bail Bonds does accept the calls and is a true 24 hour a day/7 days a week service and will contact your friends or loved ones and work with them to get you out quickly.

For a small percentage of the bond amount, Sanctuary Bail Bonds (bail bond near me) will prepare a surety bond. The process is simple, easy and quick. Most of the work can be done over the phone, including taking the payment. Additionally, their bail bondsmen are very patient and accessible. They will do their best to answer all your questions and look for ways to help solve potential problems or pitfalls.

What Happens Next in Pinal County?

The first court appearance is usually about a week later. Upon release the court will notify you of this date or request that you call the court immediately upon release to schedule your next court date. Sanctuary Bail Bonds will try and assist you in retrieving this information if you are having difficulty. They will also assist in extra things as well, like schedule an event on your Google calendar and send text message reminders. Your bondsman can also answer nuts and bolt issues, like parking and courtroom location, dress, and etiquette.

Even if you are only charged with an infraction, since it is a criminal offense, you will most likely prefer having the representation of a lawyer. An attorney might resolve an infraction with a plea bargain or propose some other solution. However, there could also be a trial. Either way, if you are out on bail with Sanctuary Bail Bonds, you probably will have many more options in finding a successful resolution.

Contact Arizona’s #1 Premier Rated bail bond agency 24/7 to get out of jail if you or a loved one has gotten arrested for an infraction or misdemeanor and get your defense off to a good start. We are a friend on YOUR SIDE! Contact us at (602) 224-5247 or (602) BAIL-247. To learn more visit our FAQ-page.


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